Friday, June 5, 2015

FOCUS San Diego Volunteer David

“I come around here and volunteer for FOCUS with my dad and brother. We like doing it. Sometimes my brother and me bring our friends from school too. They like it.”

Dale and Jennifer

“We were living in our van during one of the most brutal winters in recent history. He got laid off from his job and we lost our housing. During this time we knew we could always could count on a hot meal, clothing, kindness and warmth from FOCUS Minnesota. We now have a house in North Dakota.

San Diego Homeless Camping

Homeless camping site, right outside of God Extended Hand Mission, where FOCUS San Diego serves dinner every Wednesday evening to those in the greatest need. 


“In prison I had heard about the Orthodox Church from a prisionmate. I had grown up Baptist, but there wasn’t a real accountability and structure. When I got out, I started going to an Orthodox Church in L.A. When I moved to San Diego, I found St. Gregory of Nyssa Church. I told Fr. Simeon my situation. He helped me get connected with God’s Extended Hand and Pastor Curtis."

Children at FOCUS San Diego dinner

“This is my brother! Take a photo of us!”